Welcome to Spokane Business Builders!

Spokane Business Builders (SBB) provides local businesses with weekly networking opportunities. Our purpose is to improve the number of viable business contacts for each of our members. We do this by sharing business referrals among our members and supporting a business friendly environment.

If you are interested in improving your business network, you are welcome to join us as our guest for our weekly breakfast meeting. We meet each Thursday at 6:50 a.m. at Perkin's Restaurant, 12 E. Olive Avenue in downtown Spokane.

Our Mission

SBB is a premier networking organization, providing leadership and structure to a diversified group of business professionals, focusing on marketing success, and achieving increased sales through the growth and preservation of professional relationships.


“I joined SBB in March of 2002. My company was fairly new and I was looking to grow my business. Now over 9 years later I’m still a proud member and the group continues to help me grow my business. The icing on the cake is that so many of our members are now friends socially as well as professionally. SBB has by far the best ROI of any networking opportunity available.”
John Bogensberger, Signs for Success

"My association with Spokane Business Builders has been hugely successful for my marketing company. The leads generated from the members has paid my membership for the current year and next year. To say the least, I am pleased. I especially appreciate the fellow members. They are fun and caring. And, all of them truly give to SBB as a whole and to the relationships they are building. I would highly recommend Spokane Business Builders to any business owner looking for a proven method of growing their business."
Mary Thompson, Mary Mary Marketing